Date Night

So my last weekend in South Georgia before I had to start back to school, my hubby and I had to go out on an adventure. We had been at home all weekend, him studying for a certification exam (something Cisco, he is a networking guy) and I had been packing and cleaning all weekend. I’m at Life University four days a week so I stay with family when I’m in school and then in our home in middle GA, 3 days a week. When I first started Life U, Will worked from home and lived with me as well. He had to move back to our home town over the summer because of work which I don’t mind because now I get to go and see my family more often!

Back to our adventure, Will had a Bass Pro gift card lying around from his birthday. He didn’t have quite enough for the boots he wanted so I made a deal with him that if he took me out to dinner I would pay the little extra for the boots! Hands shaken! So to Bass Pro and to my favorite BONEFISH GRILL we go!

He is like me in the mall at Bass Pro!

And guess where I had a free drink to?

You didn’t even have to guess did you? Tall nonfat iced 1-Pump Pumpkin Spice Latte! Wish I would have gotten a hot drink because it was freezing at Bass Pro!

As far as Gluten Free options go, Bonefish is amazing! They have a selection of wood fired grilled seafood such as: shrimp, scallops, salmon, white sea bass, grouper, lobster, etc with a choice of four different sauces: mango salsa, chimichurri, lemon butter, and pan Asian (not gluten free). They also have a separate gluten free menu so be sure to ask for it if you need it. As far as desserts go: gluten free heaven! A flourless brownie with raspberry sauce, macadamias, and ice cream or cream brulee!

I ordered the appetizer of saucy shrimp: lime tomato garlic sauce, Kalmata olives , and Feta cheese as my meal along with an order of steamed veggies. Delicious! Will got their ever famous Bang Bang Shrimp: fried and tossed in a creamy, spicy sauce along with a Caesar salad. Appetizers are plenty enough food for us without having to order a full meal and helps save the $$$. We didn’t even finish what we had.

We skipped dessert tonight in favor of stopping for….ICE CREAM!

Living in the country now, we don’t get out much anymore because trips to nice stores and restaurants are 30 + miles. T’was a great date night!