I don’t like Gyms….

I like to exercise but I have never been nor will ever be a gym person. I just can’t do it. Granted I will attend fitness classes like Zumba, pilates, and yoga but only with a friend: Thanks for always accompanying me Julie!

I don’t like to enter public places where people might be watching me fall off the treadmill. I’m basically illiterate when it comes to operating gym equipment. I’ll just stick to the dumbbells, thank you. Maybe it is a bit of social anxiety but I just feel like I’m going to do something wrong….

Is this an excuse not to work out? Of course….NOT! So what do I do? Exercise DVD’s! Jillian Michaels and my all time favorite Denise Austin! I also like to walk/jog when the weather is nice and I can talk my husband into going with me: Usually not. Hiking is always great too when we are vacationing in the mountains, such as my favorite 8 mile round trip at the Ramsay Cascades in Gatlinburg, TN. Even though it started pouring rain, thundering, and lightning when we reached the waterfall, 3.5 hours from any type of shelter! We had to hang under a tree (smart right?) and then run for it.

Safely returned:

So back to the DVDs, I have quite a collection and continue to buy new ones to stop myself from getting bored. I need direction you know. Like my own personal trainer on TV telling me exactly what to do. Perfect. Even though I know I’m missing out on staring at the wall for 30 minutes on a treadmill. Yeah, really missing out.

My favorites are Jillian’s Black Pack, 30 Day Shred, banish fat boost metabolism, no more trouble zones, and her new YOGA meltdown! That’s right Jillian did a yoga DVD and quite a good one if you ask me. All of her DVD’s make me feellike I have done a good workout and usually sore the next day. Speaking of, has anyone tried her new SHRED IT WITH WEIGHTS?

Equipment….well I don’t need much….

Area (with some rearranging of course- rugs under the couch and coffee table on the couch)

I like to work-out about 4 to 5 times per week for approximately 30 minutes first thing in the morning while also trying to make some of the rest of my day active: cleaning, walking to classes (lots of stairs), etc. Since Jillian’s workouts sometimes leave me sore, I alternate with Denise’s DVDs. My favorites are her Boot Camps, personal training system, cardio blast, and power zone. Her workouts are all about 20 to 30 minutes and are surely enough to get your heart rate up. She has multiple cardio based and strength based workouts as well. Think about how long she has been a fitness instructor? She knows her stuff!

What I want everyone to know is that everyone can have fun working out. You don’t have to go to a gym, do a DVD, or run a marathon if that is not your style. Just find what you like to do and do it! Make exercise a priority along with eating healthy and you are sure to be happier! I always feel at optimal functioning level if such a thing does exist when I get a work out in first thing in the morning a few days a week. Nothing can happen later in the day to keep me from working out and I have so much more energy!

So find something you like and quite simply just stick to it!


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